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CRIPTOVID-19 is a collection of NFTs & P2E Game that represents a memory of what the world has been through during the time of the pandemic. The Covid-19 virus was able to impose a common lifestyle on humans without worrying about their differences. This collection and game are a means of communication to have a community that will support a future IT project that the Covid-19 virus is his idol.

NFT Collection Launch : TBA

$COV Token release : TBA

Play2Earn Game Launch : TBA

IT Project Launch: TBA

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The Roadmap


Launch Roadmap



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NFT Collection Launch

Available on Ethereum L1 (Opensea) and Ethereum L2 (Myria)

800 Free Nfts to earn


$COV Token Launch

Used in the play2earn game and in the it project

10 000 Free Tokens to earn


PLAY2EARN Game Launch - Powered by Myria

A survival play-to-earn game to exclusively produce $COV Token !

Use your human principles to survive against the covid19 virus and increase your chances of winning. You will have tools to use and you will be faced with complex situations. You will have to do an action, so live or die, make your choice!

All REWARDS : A good human, an exclusive producer !

1 - You can use the rewards to unlock features that can help increase your chances of winning.

2 - You can exclusively sell the rewards:

      > To new players who want to live this experience with us.

      > At the Nfts market

      > To Token Holders (investors)

3 - You can use your $cov Tokens in our future IT project by buying services, or you can sell these tokens to the users of our IT system (Humans and Companies)



The project will aim to build a world involved in development (Human Voice) and not just connected (Too much unstructured data)

The goal of building the game is to have a community that will support our project and be the exclusive producer of our $COV Token which will be used in our IT project transactions

This IT project can be described as a global social and professional network with a new concept of Location/Human/Background that will solve the problems of organization, privileges and disregard of the value of a human being. The project will also introduce a new concept of Commerce/Advertising which will follow principles such as encouraging local economy, environmentally friendly companies, etc.



Come on, let's invade the Earth together ...


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For partnerships and investments
Contact us on contact@criptovid19.com